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Step into the world of Miami’s best photography, videography, and content creation services, where every image and frame is a testament to exceptional artistry and technical proficiency. Our team specializes in a wide range of services, including captivating photography, dynamic videography, and innovative content creation.  Our dedicated team is committed to bringing your vision to life, ensuring every moment is immortalized with exceptional clarity and style.

Miami's Best Photographer Videographer

Step into the world of Miami’s best photography, videography, and content creation services, where every image and frame is a testament to exceptional artistry and technical proficiency.  Our dedicated team is committed to bringing your vision to life, ensuring every moment is immortalized with exceptional clarity and style.

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Why US?

With 14 years of rich experience in the heart of Miami's vibrant photography scene, we have established ourselves as the go-to experts for all your Photography & Video needs.

Ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their corporate image. We provide Miami Commercial Photographer services that reflect the professionalism and essence of your brand, perfect for advertising, brochures, and online content.


Perfect for executives, artists, and individuals looking to make a statement. Our headshots are crafted to highlight your personality and professionalism, using lighting and backdrops that complement your unique style.



Showcasing your products with stunning visuals that drive sales and engagement. We focus on highlighting the features and quality of your products, creating images that appeal to your target audience, and enhancing your marketing efforts.

Showcasing your products with stunning visuals that drive sales and engagement. We focus on highlighting the features and quality of your products, creating images that appeal to your target audience, and enhancing your marketing efforts.


Capturing Food Photography for your Restaurants, we specialize in transforming your culinary creations into stunning visual stories. 


From corporate events to family gatherings, we capture the energy and emotion of your special occasions. Our experienced photographers skillfully document each important moment, ensuring no detail is missed, from candid shots to formal group photos.


Celebrating the beauty and joy of pregnancy. Our maternity sessions are designed to create comfortable and memorable experiences, resulting in beautiful, tender images that capture this special time in your life.



At Miami Boudoir Photographer, we believe in celebrating the individuality and beauty of every client.


Explore our Miami Photographer Services, your go-to destination for professional photography tailored to a diverse range of needs. From striking headshots to intricate product photography our expertise covers every angle. Our services extend to corporate clients, Personal Potraits,Maternity photography etc  offering crisp, corporate photography that enhances your professional image and branding efforts. We understand the power of visual storytelling in building a brand, and our team is adept at creating images that resonate with your audience and reflect your brand’s identity. Whether it’s for personal branding, corporate portfolios, or product catalogs, our Miami Photographer Services are designed to deliver high-quality, impactful images.


Bringing Your Brand’s Message to Life: Professional Commercial Videography Services in Miami. Capturing Your Vision with Professional Excellence!

Miami Videographer Production Services brings your stories to life with cinematic excellence and creativity. Our team of skilled videographers specializes in creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging videos, from captivating event coverage to impactful commercial productions. Leveraging the latest technology and a deep understanding of Miami’s unique vibe, we ensure every frame captures the energy and essence of your vision, delivering a final product that exceeds expectations.

Who We Are

Miami Commercial Photographer Videographer

Hi, I’m Osiris! Your fun loving, Miami creative content creator. It has been an honor creating for my clients for the last 12 years.  My pursuit of creating new art pushes me to continually evolve my vision while reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera with humor, compassion and curiosity. Whether you need a Miami Video production, headshots or a Photography campaign accomplished, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with me.

Enjoy my work and please contact me if you wish to work together.

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Miami Content Creator

Award-winning Miami Content Creator that specializes in  Miami Video Production & Photography for all your commercial or corporate needs.  Specializing in executive headshots, corporate videos, product media creation, maternity and headshots

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Osiris PHOTO and FILM is a full-service commercial photo, video production, headshots, and product photography firm in Miami, Florida.

We provide creative and innovative photo services for businesses across various industries. Our expert photographers and videographers are passionate about creating beautiful, engaging content that grabs viewers’ attention. From headshots and product photography shots to environment and lifestyle portraits, and videos, we have the skills and experience to produce amazing results that will stand out. 

Osiris Media is a great option if you are looking for a media production company to help you take your company to the next level. This blog covers our capabilities for servicing your professional miami headshot photography, video, and graphics needs. Whether you need an idea to be conveyed or convinced or to capture a moment in time, we are the experts that can help. We are experts in producing amazing video and photographic content, complete with graphics. We can superimpose graphics, text, music, or anything else that makes your media experience that much more compelling for your viewers.  

Osiris Media is the Miami video production leader. We offer video services for both commercial and personal applications. Our services include location recordings, video services, writing services, and casting.    

We tailor our video production strategies to help you reach your business goals. Our editing and post-production services will take your raw footage and create high-quality, engaging videos. We can also offer finishing touches like Motion Graphics, Music, and Sound Effects to give your video that professional look.    

Are you looking for a way to promote your business through engaging, attention-grabbing videos? We have a talented crew of videographers that can produce business videos that get the attention and keep the attention.   

Our videographers are experts in capturing emotion and the details of your wedding day. We will produce a beautiful, unforgettable video you will cherish for years.  

We can produce stunning green screen videos that will transport you to any location around the world. Whether you are looking for a video for a family vacation or a corporate marketing video, we can make it happen. We create case study videos that prove persuasive arguments. We can also produce training or practical videos.    

These videos are designed to show viewers how to perform a task or use a product. We can help you make product videos that showcase your products to prospective consumers. Use these videos on your website or your social media pages to show customers what your products can do for them. We can help you create videos with customers talking about their experiences using your product or service.  

Customer testimonials are a great way to demonstrate to prospective customers your products are worth buying. With a video customer review, you are giving prospective customers real-life examples of how your product has helped others. Testimonial videos can help you establish credibility and persuade prospective customers to purchase your product.   

We provide compelling photography services including product photos, headshots, lifestyle photos, fashion photos, food photos, Amazon Product photos, and wedding photos. We have designed our services to help you capture the unique essence of your business or brand.  

Whether you need high-quality product images for your website or breathtaking videos, Osiris Media has the skills and expertise to help you reach your goals. Do you need high-quality, professional photos of your products for your website or catalog? We have a team of expert photographers that will be able to capture your products in the best light, making sure that your customers are impressed.   

We offer an array of product photography solutions that are like no other. We offer product photo services in niches that are ignored by other commercial photo providers. Our photographic repertoire includes products photographed in stark white, Amazon product photos, furniture photography, lifestyle product photos, carpet photography, footwear photography, product photos for flooring covers, fashion photography, and much more. 

A great headshot is a must-have for every professional in business. Osiris Media can help create an amazing portfolio of headshots that make you stand out from your competitors. If you are looking to show off your companys lifestyle, Osiris Media can help.    Show Source Texts

We can design and create attractive, effective images if you would like to present your products in an authentic setting. We can shoot photos and videos of your employees at work and play, giving prospective customers a peek inside your world. Osiris Media offers professional photography services for weddings. Our photographers are experienced at capturing the joy, beauty, and emotions of your big day.   

Whether you are looking for a traditional posed photo shoot, or candid, natural photos, we have got what you need. Osiris Media’s event photography services capture all of the important moments of your event. We have experience shooting anything from corporate events to private parties, so we can cover any needs you might have. We also offer a wide variety of services, like photo booths and green screen photography, to make your event more memorable.  

Some important moments at your event might just be food!. Our photographers can capture the delicacy of your meal, making your guests hungry simply by looking at a photo.    

We offer food photography in both packaged and prepared forms. We can offer photography services either on location or in a studio. We can coordinate with a food stylist, as needed, for cooking food photography projects. We offer several types of fashion photography depending on your needs.  

We are doing Ghost Mannequin Fashion Photography, Flat Lay, Lookbook, and Catalogue works. As required, we can enhance content using our advanced photoshop editing techniques. Our Ghost Mannequin Technique involves taking photos of clothing on a mannequin we carefully conceal from view. We can also perform flat-lay photography, which is ideal for products like jewelry, accessories, and makeup.   

Our work on lookbooks and catalogs is ideal for businesses who want to make a statement and showcase their products in the best possible light. We can elevate your content using our advanced photoshop editing techniques so that your customers are impressed.  

We offer furniture photography services that are done on site. We can set up a studio in your business location to take photos of couches, tables, and chairs. The service includes photography of furniture, removal of backgrounds, and color correcting.   

Our photo services are first class for clients looking to create catalogs for their online stores. We have a wide range of experience with product photography, graphic design, and video production for eCommerce stores and Amazon.    

We can develop the main image, infographics, and Amazon Lifestyle images that will get you sold. Tell us about your vision and budget, and we will create the visuals you need to maximize sales. 

For Amazon Video Production, we can help with scouting locations, casting actors, and writing the script. We can provide you with the creative guidance needed to create an engaging video that will convince customers to purchase your products.    

Our passionate photographers and videographers have years of experience creating beautiful, engaging content that grabs viewers’ attention. We produce amazing results that make you stand out. Our creative capabilities range from commercial and private photography & video assignments to specialized product photography.    

No job is too large or small for us. We are your trusted source for media production. Contact us to talk about your wedding, or any marketing projects you have.    

We can create media for recording your events or to picture merchandise. We offer the creative experience and guidance to produce better results than you thought possible. We can help develop the idea, and we execute and deliver the end product. Our skills in multimedia production can help you convey the visuals that you need to show.    

Check out our portfolio, and imagine your possibilities for working with us. If you are looking for a media production company to help take your company to the next level, Osiris Media is a great option. We are experts at helping you convey or convince an idea, or capture a moment in time.

Pricing and packages for Miami photography services

The pricing and packages offered by Miami photographers vary depending on the type of photography services you require, the duration of the session, and any additional services such as prints or albums. It’s important to discuss pricing and packages with the photographer during your consultation to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is included and if there are any additional costs.

Most photographers offer different packages that cater to different needs and budgets. For example, a basic package may include a set number of hours of coverage, a certain number of edited images, and digital downloads. More comprehensive packages may include additional services such as prints, albums, or engagement sessions.

The cost of hiring a Miami photographer can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the photographer’s experience, reputation, and the level of service provided. While budget is an important consideration, it’s equally important to ensure that the photographer’s pricing reflects the quality of their work and the value they provide.

When discussing pricing with the photographer, it’s important to be clear about your budget and any specific requirements you may have. A good photographer will work with you to find a package that fits within your budget while still meeting your needs and expectations.

Remember, hiring a professional photographer is an investment in preserving your special moments and creating lasting memories. By finding a photographer who meets your requirements and fits within your budget, you can ensure that your special moments are captured in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible.

Miami Video Production Is The Best Way For Your Company To Stand Out And Get Its Message Across In Todays Media Environment.

Consider these 11 different types of videos that you can use to market your company and products, and how best to leverage each one to maximize benefits. One approach is to create multiple different types of videos to promote a single product or campaign. If you are looking to be a bit more experimental with using videos on Twitter, you could try making shorter, user-generated videos to interact with your audience.

miami video production    

Having videos that showcase who your business is, how your people are, what you do, and what your products are, can generate lots of engagement, and get you closer to your target audience in a way that is a little more authentic than some other mediums. Whether you are encouraging new customers to purchase one of your existing products, or you are launching a new one, your brand is likely to stand out more if you are using the right creative — images, videos, or other promotional formats — in the right medium. One of the biggest reasons for this is the power that miami video production can have for marketing, advertising, and building the brand and image of your business.    

Given the evolution in how ads are done, companies are starting to embrace videos as the preferred media for marketing. Today, TV is one of the most preferred media channels by marketers, particularly since the rise of TV-connected ads that leverage data from viewers to more effectively segment. Use has led to the rise of video production companies, which help brands to reach audiences via video.    

This kind of content can contribute to your brands (and businesses) long-term growth in ways other types of videos cannot. When considering the types of content you want to produce, videos should be at the top of your list.    

Video is not just entertaining, it is actually one of the best ways to approach your audience and give them a true insight into what you and your company, or client, are doing. Videos are incredible at getting all kinds of messages out there, and when we are thinking from a practical standpoint, a short, one-of-a-kind explainer video can make all the difference in terms of teaching people about the details of your specific product. Whether you need to show the technical process of a new product feature, or train a new colleague how to use their email, video is an excellent method for communication.    

Osiris Photo and Film helps brands tell their stories with videos, optimizing every part of the process. The best video production teams we chose  for our list because they use a collaborative approach with their clients to produce a creative, compelling video that increases brand awareness and sales. Osiris Photo and Film Is located in South Florida and cover the areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Homestead, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Key Largo and more.  but The Best Video Production Team selected them for our list because they also offer complementary resources in music production and sound engineering, graphic design, animation, and social media marketing. This company takes the approach that video production is necessary to marketing any company.

Conclusion: Hiring the best Miami photographer & Videographer for your special moments

When it comes to capturing your special moments in Miami, nothing beats the expertise and skill of a professional photographer and videographer. They have the technical knowledge, artistic vision, and passion for photography to create stunning images that will bring your memories to life.

Whether you’re looking for portraits, headshots, corporate event coverage, or maternity portraits, Miami photographers offer a range of services to suit every need. They have a diverse range of photography styles, ensuring that they can capture the essence and emotion of any occasion. From candid and documentary-style shots to classic black and white images or vibrant and colorful photographs, Miami photographers can deliver exactly what you envision.

When choosing a Miami photographer, it’s important to consider factors such as their portfolio, experience, communication style, and pricing. By doing your research, reaching out for consultations, and discussing your vision and expectations, you can find a photographer who not only meets your technical and artistic requirements but also provides a positive and enjoyable experience throughout the process.

Don’t let your special moments fade away; entrust them to the top photographer services in Miami. With their skill and passion for photography, they will ensure that every moment is captured and preserved in a way that truly reflects the essence and beauty of your special day.

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