A Miami Based Product Photography and Video studio specializing in images that stand out and convert. It’s Simple! We make your product photos and video look good! Whether it’s for your Amazon listing, website, lifestyle images, cigar photos, social media marketing or studio shots for marketing we have you covered!


Showcase Your Products in their Best Light with Professional Photography and Video and Convert More Sales In The Process.

Creative Hero Images

Product Video Services

NEED ENGAGING PRODUCT VIDEO? We provide quality product videos that will engage your audience.  Consider us to create something buzz-worthy for your next marketing campaign. 

amazon product photographer

We create beautiful product photography for your Amazon listing, contact us today to improve your sales with quality images!

Lifestyle Image Composites

We shoot your images in the studio and edit them seamlessly on stock images. This makes getting these images more affordable than hiring models and having photoshoots on location. 

Ask about our infographics services to make your listing come to life and boost conversions. 

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Why do you need product photo and video?

Miami Product photography and video is a critical elements of any effective marketing and branding framework, as images can be used at various stages of marketing funnels. Photos of your product, both alone and in use, are one of the most important merchandising and marketing efforts you put in for your online brand. Always start by carrying a portfolio with your best photos of your product – even in today’s high-tech world, most potential clients want to see print samples to get a clear idea of your work. The secret is to make sure all of your photos look informative and consistent so that customers, both old and new, can better visualize your list of product offerings, which then translates into increased sales. 

To make sure even the most visual learners have a complete understanding of what your product has to offer, take the time to photograph every important detail. To make sure you provide your customers with all the information they need to feel comfortable with their purchase, there are two main types of ecommerce photography you need to take: When you are just starting out, getting your product images can be a daunting prospect because good e-commerce photography can be expensive. As more and more manufacturers set up a business to sell their products online, there is a growing need for high-quality photographs.  

We use our creative and technical skills to create beautiful photos to help you sell products to clients.  invest in a teaser video or product photo to take your product to the next level.

Using videos and photos can help you create an advertising strategy that will increase your exposure. Incorporating video into your product marketing strategy increases sales, reduces returns, and increases customer understanding and satisfaction with your products. According to Forbes, 90% of customers surveyed say product videos help them make purchasing decisions. The same rules apply to lifestyle photography as to product photography, except that lifestyle photography gives you much more creative freedom

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