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As a Miami Headshots Photographer, I make sure you stand out from the crowd with amazing quality professional portraits.  In industry’s that first impressions matter, its a difference of getting the job or being looked over.  Specializing in corporate headshots Miami photographer, employee headshots and group shots, reach out today to ensure your brand is represented in the highest standard. We do a mix of natural light and studio lit portraits depending on occasion and preference.   

Studio Backdrop Professional Portraits

Whether it’s a crisp white or modern grey, we pride ourselves in having modern lighting for a fresh-looking headshot. 

Executive Enviromental portraits

Executive environmental portraits are an incredible option to create dynamic marketing material or a website banner that makes your website pop. 

Standard & Modern Group Photography

We shoot the standard group shots and offer a modern option for group shots.  We shoot each person separately which works for additional marketing material and we create a modern stiched group shot on an invisible backdrop.  If a new hire comes in, you can simply add them to the mix seamlessly.  Add any image to the background for endless marketing material. 



Have a large group of people? NO PROBLEM!

We have shot over 90 in one day. 

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Importance of Miami Headshots

Definition of Headshot


Wikipedia defines a headshot “as a modern portrait in which the focus is on the person“. A photograph that focuses on the head especially the face like the profile picture of most actors, models, and authors to be used in promotion. Most profile pictures on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are few examples of headshots where the focus is showing the head particularly the face of the subject.

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In the entertainment industry like theater, film, and television, the actors, models, and singers are oftentimes required to have their headshot with their resume when applying for the part or for a job. A good headshot could be a factor that an actor or actress lands the role. In modeling, a headshot can give an emphasis on portraying the expressions and emotions needed for the scene to be taken. If a headshot would include the person’s shoulder it is called then a “three-quarter shot”.


The main purpose of a headshot is for identification, it is only necessary that the subject’s headshot should highlight the important features of the subject. Emphasizing facial features is shown emphatically in headshots. A headshot will reflect the best qualities of a subject.


IKONIC has set an example on how to use a headshot in a sample “About Us page. They have used the image of Julie Hyne a successful business owner, presenter, and public speaker. In business, a headshot is synonymous with your brand. Your brand is often associated with the headshot of key people in the business.


A headshot shows the human side of a company, which means that when clients look at your website the first thing that they would be looking at would be the “who” before they scroll and looked for the “why’s” and the “how’s“. Headshot would lead to clients’ trust and being familiar with the different people that he would be dealing with and connecting with later. In today’s business world building a relationship with clients is a must. A good quality headshot will leave an impression that your company is committed to giving quality products and services because an excellent-looking photo means professionalism.


Headshots making you and your business website matter


We just simply make things better


Making you and your business matter to people is a daunting task that needs a serious process of planning, implementation, and execution. An excellent quality headshot could help you propel to the upper echelons of your industry and will make or break your business. Your website is the company’s flag bearer, it is usually the first thing people will look for when looking for something that will help them out with various concerns. Simply put it this way by doing a headshot you are literally building a relationship with your client silently but in a resounding manner that “this is who we are and you are in good hands with us“.


This is how we come in to make you better


We are a Miami-based photography company with years of perfecting our trade by taking challenges that are being thrown to us in every way and in every step. Let us talk and tell us more about you and in no time, people will be reaching out to you because we help you carve your way. We will create corporate headshots on your website. We have the best people to take care of you, your company, your brand.


Why a Miami headshot, why not just something else


When you hold a pack of Marlboro, you will be thinking immediately of the “Marlboro Man”, why because the cowboy feel is associated with the person who is the face of the company. It is an open secret that corporate headshots on your website are a visual representation of your company for your clients. People like you and me, enjoy more looking at faces than some colorful graphics with letterings. With us on your team, you just do all the “posings” and leave the “groundwork” and “headaches” to us.


Trust us, your client will be looking at your website with your elaborate headshot photo of you, your staff, and everybody else involved in your company. Your company’s potential and stocks will skyrocket once they see the “human” side that will make their worlds go round.


We are telling you the truth about professional portraits 


In this digital age, everybody wants to work with somebody even though somebody has not met anybody in person yet. The majority of your clients may not meet you in person over the course of their lifetime, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do business together. Distance is a thing of the past for you not to be doing business with the world. And that is where we will set up the relationship between you and your client even if you haven’t met in person. Our job of making your website a “real person” that is ready to listen and will make things work for them is something that we have been doing for a long time that it becomes natural for us to be good and excellent at it. If your client would search who you are, and then boom, there you are smiling in the most professional photo you could ever imagine.


Take this for example the photo of Richard Branson of Virgin. Well, it’s not really a headshot but it’s a half body photo of him and his family our point is you have a different feel when you see someone’s face on a website rather than cool graphics and some cool fonts. Most people haven’t met Branson in person but by looking at his photo they feel a little “personal” because by looking at the photo, you see the human side of Virgin.


Your ultimate secret weapon for your business


And that is what we are going to create for you, You will going to be Your brand. You will be your own unique brand that your client will be going to identify and with us, on your side, your website will be an absolute head-turner in your very competitive niche and industry. Your business will totally own everybody else.


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